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Explorer ST

The 2020 Ford Explorer ST has been a revolutionary SUV for the Ford community. It has the essence of the Ford Performance brand. Here's a list of parts for your +2020 Ford Explorer ST.
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Shelby GT500 Predator

Everything GT500 related, right here. Let's go!

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BNR Turbos, Now What?

There's a new turbo name floating around in the EcoBoost community, well technically two. The BNR600 and the BNR525 are taking over all the groups and forums and with good reasoning.

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One Way Breather Tank

If you're here, it's most likely because you truly care about the health and performance of your EcoBoost Mustang.

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GT500 Start Mods

The GT500's lungs are plagued with restriction especially when modified. With ample room in the engine bay, SPE went to work designing the best intake we could. The intake design optimizes air flow at all vehicle speeds, even at idle.

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    C. Serpico

    "Josh & the team provided all the details I was looking for along with additional recommendations"

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    D. Peeples

    "Josh, Ricardo, Bobby, and the rest of the crew over at Parker Performance are nothing short of exceptional"

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    "Bone stock Mustang GT to a 800+whp car in less than a year, and not a single problem with the Parker Performance family"

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    "Easily the best shop in Florida when it comes to bringing your S550 mustang there!"

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    "I've been going to Parker Performance for years and have had nothing but the best experience every single time when they touch my car"

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