BNR Turbos, Everything You Need To Know.

BNR Turbos, Everything You Need To Know.

The BNR Supercars LLC +500whp and +600whp capable DROP-IN turbo upgrades for your 2015-2023 EcoBoost Mustang are available for purchase right here:  

There's a new turbo name floating around in the EcoBoost community, well technically two. The BNR600 and the BNR525 are taking over all the groups and forums and with good reasoning.  We've been anticipating the release of the BNR Supercars turbos for over 2 years. This is the turbo that will unseat the current drop-in king, the Precision Turbo NX2. With over two years of testing and countless "Pre-Order here", BNR is finally ready to get these turbos out and start making some power.

 These turbos are for the 2015-2023 Ford 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang. Since its release, the EcoBoost Mustang has been a talking point for many Mustang "purists". But the little 4banger pony has exceeded many expectations with the help of amazing aftermarket support to the point where you'll have no idea if the EcoBoost parked next to you at the light is stock or has a big turbo, built motor, on meth.

Precision Turbo NX2 on an EMS built block - Mustang EcoBoost

 The Precision Turbo NX2:

For the past handful of years, the Precision Turbo NX2 has been the #1 selling turbo option for the Mustang EcoBoost platform. Released back in 2018, the NX2 was a game-changer for many enthusiasts. Capable of making up to 520whp maxed out, the NX2 took the EcoBoost Mustang and made it a contender for usable street power. The average number for stock block Ecos is around 430-475whp and torque into the 500s. Priced at $1,995 retail, the Precision Turbo NX2 was affordable, its drop-in feature and compact design made it so that any enthusiast with a few tools could do it themselves with minor to no modifications, straight drop-in. 

And although few have tried to unseat the NX2, The NX2 has proven to be "The turbo the EcoBoost should have come with". With full boost creeping in at 3,000-3500 RPMs the NX2 gave you the low-end torque to get you out of the hole and a kicker up top. With the proper wastegate setup, the NX2 was able to pull all the way up the top of the rpm getting rid of the "dead spot" set by the stock turbo.

Now, BNR Supercars has released theirs.

BNR turbos BNR525

The BNR525: Introducing the Challenger!

This is the turbo we believe will take the NX2 head-on! This turbo option is fully drop-in and capable of outstanding performance. The BNR525 will take you north of 500whp maxing out at around 525whp hence the name. And although the Precision Turbo NX2 has reigned KING and frankly uncontested, the BNR525 appears to be the long-awaited savior for many looking for "another option".
In testing, the BNR525 put out a healthy 505whp/530wtq thanks to Ryan at PD Tuning and Jessie at EMS.  The BNR525 peaked at 33psi but fell to 26psi when reaching up top. These numbers were achieved with an EMS Babubu-built short block, intercooler, and proper fueling, in this case, e85. Both EcoBoost gurus have asserted that with a heavier wastegate setup, you should see an increase of at least +20whp. 
BNR600 drop-in upgraded turbo

The BNR600: The Real Homewrecker!

And speaking of MO-POWAH, the true record breaker here is by far the BNR600. Capable of over +600whp and +600wtq, this turbo has taken what could be possible as a "drop-in" and turned it upside down! 
In testing, the BNR600 put out a whopping 609whp/600wtq thanks to Ryan at EMS Tuning pushing 40psi. The same turbo peaked at 35psi but fell to 32psi in a different car putting out a healthy 574whp/541wtq. These numbers were achieved with the same vehicle rocking the EMS Babubu-built short block, intercooler, and e85.
One thing to note here is from Ryan at EMS Tuning. Ryan claims he can probably dial the car to spool that 600wtq at 4,000 RPMs making this an unbelievable turbo option for any EcoBoost Mustang enthusiast.
nostrum high performance high pressure fuel pump upgrade for ecoboost mustang

Pricing: This is a shocker.

Pricing for these new turbos is $1,850 for the BNR600 and $1750 for the BNR525

This brings on a new subject, Which one should you buy!?

Modifications: Minor. 

When it comes to modifications to fit this giant scroll, there are some. It appears that you'll need to shave/grind a minor part of your block casting. This is the only way to be able to fit the giant compressor housing for both the BNR525 and the BNR600. This grinding off the block does not affect the rigidity and safety of the block and it has been said to be minor.

 If you ask us? A small price to pay to party hard!

BMR Suspension for Mustang s550


After much waiting, wishing, and hoping, the BNR Turbos are finally here and a shipping date has been set for March. The price of $1,850 for the BNR600 and $1750 for the BNR525 is beyond insane compared to the $1,995 many have been paying for the NX2.

No matter which turbo you choose, you'll be making more power off the bat.

Our Choice? 600 ALL THE WAY!

Now depending on your goals, perhaps the BNR525 is a comfortable power range. For us, the BNR600 is the way to go accompanied by proper fueling of course.

Other Details: What You Get.

The great part about these turbos is their straight drop-in options. You'll be able to reuse your downpipe and charge pipe setup. We will recommend you upgrade your stock downpipe to a CVF Catted 3" downpipe and charge pipes setup for the best performance outcome. These turbo kits also come with new coolant and oil lines, o-rings, and gaskets. 

Only a few hundred of these turbos will be made so the BEST time to buy is RIGHT NOW! Order your on our website at

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I’m going to order the BNR 600, I’m rocking a C&L cold air intake, where can I get a coupler to fit it into the turbo?

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