Top Five Modifications to the Ecoboost Mustang by Parker Performance

January 01, 2021

If you're here, it's because you're looking for the Top Five Modifications to do to your Ecoboost Mustang! Well look no further, because we have the best of the best for you! We've tried, installed, tested & broken more parts than most - so when we give you our recommendations - you can count on them having been PROVEN! 
What oil should I run in my Ecoboost Mustang?

January 01, 2021

We get this question a lot & the answer really isn't all that simple. How do you drive the car? What are you performance oriented goals w/the car? What kind of climate are you living in? What kind of service intervals do you follow? What kind of fuel do you run (IE: 93 vs Ethanol)? So let's see what oil you should run!! There's really never just a blanket "one size fits all" solution to our customer's questions like this.
So proud of our guys here at Parker Performance!

July 19, 2020

What we're doing here every day at Parker Performance is important.

We are working on improving ourselves, our business, and our customer's cars. We're building our own cars, our way. We're creating relationships - in-house and abroad, and doing our best to positively influence those within our reach. We're focusing on what's greater for the whole versus the singular individual. We're supporting one another, the automotive enthusiast community we're a part of, and continue to do our best to lift up our local and American Made businesses.