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2015-2020 Mustang GT350/R ProCharger Supercharger Kit - PP SPEC FULL BLACK UNIT

2015-2020 Mustang GT350/R ProCharger Supercharger Kit - PP SPEC FULL BLACK UNIT

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This kit fits: 2018-2020 SHELBY GT350 & GT350R

ProCharger Superchargers has been one of our top recommended brands for forced induction with respect to other vendors. The straight forward installation is a plus for us & our DIY customers, but most importantly the drivability for customers who just want a bit more power is a key selling point. With that being said we've created this package with what we consider to be the best parts ProCharger offers for your S550 Mustang!

  This PP SPEC ProCharger package includes a handful of upgrade options, that we feel are a "must haves" - such as the Race Valve BOV upgrade from, the Stage II Intercooler upgrade and the 8 Rib Dedicated Supercharger Pulley drive belt system. 

This Kit Includes: 

-Head unit finish (Black) $325

-Blower bracket finish (Black) $275

-Race Valve (Black) $295

-Stage II Intercooler 

-8 Rib Dedicated Supercharger Pulley


  These kits can be outfitted with your head unit of choice, however, we typically advise our customers to make the upgrade to your head unit on the initial purchase, versus doing so later on down the road. One reason being, the cost is far more affordable on the front end, versus having your P1SC being rebuilt later. Another reason is the downtime of your vehicle while shipping your head unit off to Procharger. So this is more of the "buy once, buy right" mentality that we work to coach our customers towards! 

  The kits are offered in two different versions - one will include a tuning solution and fuel upgrades (this is the more expensive product), while the other kit, known as their "Tuner Kits" will not include either a tuning solution or any fuel upgrades (this is the less expensive product). We typically will sell our customers the Tuner Kits if they already have a fuel system on their vehicle and a custom tune through a well known tuner, such as Lund Racing for instance. 

***Please make sure to select the appropriate year/generation of your Mustang, as well as making sure you are only purchasing the "Tuner Kit" if you already have fuel and tuning solutions for your setup!***

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"The absolute best in the business. Not only is PP extremely knowledgeable but they take care of you as if you are family. Thank you PP team!"

- G. Gonzales -