Can you run NGK Ruthenium 95605 spark plugs on your stock, non-tuned EcoBoost Mustang?

Can you run NGK Ruthenium 95605 spark plugs on your stock, non-tuned EcoBoost Mustang?

Alright guys, so we're going to go through some frequently asked questions and see if we can help you guys.

One of the questions we get asked from time to time for our EcoBoost customers is, Can you run a set of NGK Ruthenium 95605 spark plugs on your stock, non-tuned vehicle?

The simple answer is yes, You can.

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The reality is, that the 95605 spark plug is one heat (-1) range colder than your factory spark plug. The reason we want to lower the heat range of your spark plug is that we're going to increase the heat inside the cylinder by increasing boost pressure and increasing timing. So with the colder plugs, we are able to optimize the cylinder pressure and the cylinder temperature. We're able to control those things by utilizing a colder plug.

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If you've followed EMS and Jessie, what he does with his EcoBoost, obviously he's running an exceptional amount of power, So for him, he runs several steps colder over a stock heat range. Again, it's all about trying to control that temperature, and heat range.

So, the reason we run the one-step colder plugs, Is that we're looking to increase boost pressure, and increase timing because you're tuned.

So should you run rutheniums in a bone stock, untuned car? No. Can you? Yes.


   NGK IRIDIUM 6509 Spark plug stock heat range, ecoboost mustang, Parker Performance NGK 6510 spark plug for ecoboost mustang by Parker Performance

We suggest the NGK6509s instead of the 6510s for the same reasons.

But again, we would prefer that you run an OEM heat range plug while you're on an OEM tune, an OEM car. But once you start tuning, we do want to see you go to the rutheniums.

Hope that helps. Stay tuned for the next one.


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How much do you guys charge to instal the Tornado or Gustnado package and how long does it take?

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