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Xtreme-DI Ford Mustang 5.0 Coyote (2018+) HPFP

Xtreme-DI Ford Mustang 5.0 Coyote (2018+) HPFP

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This product is built to order & currently has a 10-12 week lead time ⚠️

This GDI high pressure pump was developed to replace the Denso OEM high pressure pump. It delivers up to 45% more fuel flow when mounted on the same CAM-Lobe.
Maximum Fuel Pressure is 250bar / 3625psi (OEM 200bar/2900psi).
The kit comes with everything you need: the HPFP, all required hardware and an electric pigtail.

Fits F150 & Mustang 5.0 Applications
Customer-specific fittings and lines on request.

Straight E85 1194whp GDI/PFI combined !!!

no meth, no PFI, no extra ECUs, no wiring, full control, full OBD Diagnostics.

Maximum Rail Pressure:

OEM 200bar / 2900psi
EVO: 250bar / 3600psi
HPFP45: 260bar / 3800psi

Keep in mind, just because the HPFP is capable doesn’t mean the injectors are, stock injectors are limited to 220bar / 3200psi

Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends

Electric Connector: Bosch Compact 2-pin

Driver Profile: XDI, tuning changes needed

Accessories: electric pigtail


Geometric Volume
1.77cc / rev
(OEM 1.22 > +45% capacity)

Maximum Flow Rate:

Housing material: stainless steel, hard coated Aluminum

Tuning Support:  Standalone, SCT, HPT

Dry Weight: 1112 g

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