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VMP Performance

VMP Performance 18+ Supercharged w/ AC 8-Rib Full-FEAD Kit Odin - 10 Percent OD

VMP Performance 18+ Supercharged w/ AC 8-Rib Full-FEAD Kit Odin - 10 Percent OD

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Odin 8-rib "Full-FEAD" Kit with AC 10% OD This "Full-FEAD" kit is designed for customers that currently have nothing OR want the latest and greatest belt drive parts. All Odin/Loki belt system components and hardware are included with this kit, perfect for customers starting with a used kit or a Stage 3 head unit. Includes: Odin/G3R HD Tensioner VMP-SUT009Super Low Profile Accessory Belt Tensioner VMP-SUT005ATI/ VMP 10% OD balancer (new version VMP-918075)8-rib AC Clutch Pulley KR3Z-19V649-A3-bolt Water Pump Pulley with back lip removed VMP-SUP076 Ribbed idler and spacer for front cover VMP-76-8-20-RB & VMP-FSPC-20-8-10RB VMP 60 mm double row idler pulley VMP-60-SM-DB4-rib accessory belt Pulley bolts VMP-SUA017 All necessary hardware This kit does NOT include an 8-Rib Supercharger Pulley. VMP now makes 8-rib superchargers pulleys specific to the Odin/Predator platform, they do not use a hub spacer like the 6-rib pulley. These pulleys have a -F at the end for "front-feed" style supercharger. Currently available sizes / Boost psi with 10% lower Griptec: VMP-24-8-F-GR / 24 psi VMP-25-8-F-GR / 23 psi VMP-26-8-F-GR / 22 psi VMP-27-8-F-GR / 21 psi Standard: VMP-26-8-F / 21-22 psi VMP-27-8-F / 20-21 psi VMP-28-8-F / 19-20 psi VMP-30-8-F / 17-18 psi VMP-32-8-F / 15-16 psi VMP-34-8-F / 13-14 psi VMP-36-8-F / 11-12 psi Stage 3 ported blowers will make 2 psi over standard Stage 2. Stage 3 porting is required to make over 24 psi The balancer converts to a 4-rib accessory belt (included, for replacements use stock 2020 GT500 Ford KR3Z-8620-B / JK4682 / Bando 4PK1715). Install belt on front 4-ribs of water pump and alternator pulley. Supercharger belt not included All parts may be purchased individually using the above PNs
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