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Steeda S197 Mustang Stainless Braided Clutch Line Upgrade (05-14)

Steeda S197 Mustang Stainless Braided Clutch Line Upgrade (05-14)

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Our simple yet effective Teflon lined stainless steel braided clutch fluid line for your American made muscle car provides increased hydraulic fluid flow capacity improving clutch action and feel. It will also reduce/eliminate clutch pedal sticking during hard driving. One of the major reasons for clutch failure in 6 speed Getrag MT-82 equipped cars is slow or no clutch pedal return. Steeda lines do not use a restrictor like the OE plastic line. It is a common issue to have the clutch pedal stick to the floor on release due to lack of fluid return caused by the restrictor. The Steeda clutch hose features the best designed one piece crimped fittings eliminating the threaded junction used on two piece end fittings. Clutch hoses with two piece threaded fittings add unneeded junctions that can potentially leak and also limit the bend radius of the ends which can cause hose fatigue.

Installs easily directly replacing the factory plastic hydraulic line which can fail under high heat and use, especially on header equipped cars. Unlike the rigid factory hardline, Steeda's flexible line allows routing the hose away from heat sources preventing viscosity variation and boiling of hydraulic fluid. Includes all fittings and O-rings.

Product Benefits

  • Best clutch feel and performance
  • CNC machined OEM style fittings
  • Includes fittings and O-rings
  • DOT rated line with one piece ends
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