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Steeda Mustang Hardcore Rear Adjustable Ride Height System (2015-2023)

Steeda Mustang Hardcore Rear Adjustable Ride Height System (2015-2023)

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Due to the shock absorber location, coilovers on an S550 can be detrimental to your chassis. For those looking for an alternative, this kit from Steeda gives the rear of your car coilover-like adjustability with reduced unsprung weight so that you can dial in your car for the track. If you drag race or road race, you can benefit from this Rear Adjustable Ride Height System.

Road racing. For those that enjoy SCCA or NASA racing, this system was developed on our red HPDE car and yellow #20 racecar and will give you the ability to quickly and easily swap your rear springs. Corner balancing can also be achieved with the simple adjustability that the ride height system offers. This allows you to maximize performance at the track and improve lap times. Lighter than traditional springs, you are also able to reduce unsprung weight.

Drag racing. In drag racing applications, the ability to change springs quickly will be beneficial, but the biggest advantage lies in the ability to increase tire clearance. If you are a weekend racer, this kit lets you adjust your ride height with a 1/2" drive ratchet, achieve the clearance you need for your drag pack, and then return your ride height for your street setup after the track.

Built to handle the track. Engineered and manufactured in the USA from premium materials that will withstand stresses at the track. You can be confident that this kit will be ready to perform.

Product Benefits:
  • Reduced unsprung weight, 16% less weight than factory rear springs
  • 28% less weight than our Steeda Rear Drag Springs
  • 48% less weight than our Steeda Rear Dual Rate Springs
  • Manufactured from billet 1018 steel
  • Billet hardcoat anodized 6061 aluminum
  • Includes all hardware
  • Swap springs without need for realignment
  • Fits readily available 6" long, 2.5" diameter coilover springs so you have access to many spring rates
  • Quickly and easily adjust ride height
  • Up to 2.5" of adjustment
  • Ability to corner balance
  • No permanent modification
  • Compatible with MagneRide, will not affect electronic suspension
  • Easier adjustment than other kits on the market
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