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Steeda Intake Tube replacement kit for 555-3120 CAI black silicone

Steeda Intake Tube replacement kit for 555-3120 CAI black silicone

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Steeda's Pro-Flow Inlet Elbow was designed specifically for our very popular S197 Mustang Cold Air Intake.

The Pro-Flow intake tube is available in a high temperature heat resistant plastic, or available in real carbon fiber.

The high quality construction allows for colder air induction system temperatures resulting in less heat soak and lower air charge temperatures than competitive brands using metal tubes.

We have seen gains up to 8 horsepower and 8 ft lbs of torque to the tires throughout the entire power-band!!!

No additional tune is needed for this kit if you are already using a Steeda cold air intake with SCT or Diablo tuning package and installation is quick and simple. This kit includes gloss blue, or black, 4 ply silicone hose connectors, stainless steel hose clamps and instructions.

555-3141 - Black Silicone Hose Upgrade

This Black Silicone upgrade kit is designed for the S197 GT Mustangs. You can replace the blue hoses with these black ones to match your car better! Fit's Steeda CAI for GT S197's (555-3130 & 555-3131) and Ford Racing CAI with the Steeda upgraded elbow.

Note: Will work with FRPP intakes but will require retuning if using FRPP's tune with one of our SCT tuners.

Product Benefits
  • High quality plastic inlet elbow allows for colder air charge than competitive metal brands.
  • Easily installs in minutes and Looks great!
  • Smooths incoming air for more Horsepower and Torque to the rear tires!
  • Perfect upgrade to your Steeda or Ford Racing Cold Air Intake Kit.
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