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Precision Shaft Technologies

PST 3.5" Aluminum Late Model Mustang 1pc Driveshaft for 2005-2022 Ford Mustang

PST 3.5" Aluminum Late Model Mustang 1pc Driveshaft for 2005-2022 Ford Mustang

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PST's 3.5” Aluminum Mustang Shaft is one of our most requested driveshafts. Their durable and capable 3.5-inch aluminum shaft is popular for reason. It’s engineered as an ideal match for 2005-2022 Ford Mustangs, including GT, Shelby GT350, and Shelby GT500 variants. If you are looking for an earlier model Mustang (pre-2004) then check out our 3.5″ Aluminum Early/Mid- Model (Foxbody) Mustang Driveshaft.

PST also ensures that this driveshaft is built to exacting standards!
•  Hydraulically straightened tubing built to a .010” total turnout at the center
•  CV joint stub and tube yokes welded to within a .004” runout on each end
•  Shafts are computer balanced to less than a ⅛ ounce/inch variance as an assembly

This state-of-the-art component can handle the strip or the street thanks to a 1,000-horsepower rating and 7,800 RPM maximum critical speed. If you have a Mustang from 2005-2021, we also include an adapter for a precise fit with your vehicle.

Ready To Order?
To ensure a perfect match, we’ll need to know:
•  Flange-to-flange measurement
•  Maximum RPM
•  Maximum horsepower
•  Transmission type (3-bolt or 4-bolt flange)
•  Flange type (standard 8.8 or Super 8.8)

When ordering, be sure to ask about upgrading to a 1350 U-Joint. Have questions? Give the professionals at PST a call at 727-442-1711.


For more than two decades, PST has worked with drag racers to build products that produce results on the track, the street, and the strip. It’s why, year after year, our customers come to us when they have a new project car or are looking for an upgrade. See the difference with a PST driveshaft, and come join the family.

If you need help answering the options, please visit:, or email us at and we'll help assist you in determining the correct data/details to ensure you order the correct driveshaft for your needs!
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"The absolute best in the business. Not only is PP extremely knowledgeable but they take care of you as if you are family. Thank you PP team!"

- G. Gonzales -