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Nitrous Express

Nitrous Express 4 Cyl SX2 Nozzle Nitrous Kit (100-300HP x 2) w/o Bottle

Nitrous Express 4 Cyl SX2 Nozzle Nitrous Kit (100-300HP x 2) w/o Bottle

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The Shark SX2 is the world's finest and only dual stage single nozzle. That's right, one nozzle with two stages. The question: How do you make a nozzle better than the Shark? The answer: Impossible! So we did the next best thinking, we created a single nozzle with dual stages, the 'Sharks SX2'. The design team at NX has spent extensive R&D time making the SX2 perfect. With only one nozzle in the intake port, turbulence of the natural air flow is greatly reduced. No more drilling two sets of holes, hoping that your nozzles will clear once they are installed. The SX2 is the most advanced nozzle on the market, period. It can deliver up to 300 horsepower per nozzle in a single or dual stage configuration. When you're ready for cutting edge technology and performance, look to Nitrous Express, proven time and time again.
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