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Lethal Performance

Lethal Performance LPX Twin Disc Clutch Kit - 8 Bolt Lightweight Steel Flywheel, 26 Spline, 800 HP

Lethal Performance LPX Twin Disc Clutch Kit - 8 Bolt Lightweight Steel Flywheel, 26 Spline, 800 HP

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Fits 2005-2010 Mustang GT w/ 26 spline, 2007-2009 GT500, 03-04 Cobra w/Upgraded Shaft

Introducing Lethal Performance's All New LPX & LPXHD Twin Disc Clutches

LPX clutches are rated to 800HP and our HD version will hold 1,000 HP!  Choose your flywheel material (Aluminum or lightwheight steel), Input shaft spline count, and put your power down in a confident, smooth fashion.

All LPX and LPXHD clutch kits include:

  • Twin discs and pressure plate with Kevlar facing
  • 8 Bolt Flywheel (Aluminum or Lightweight Steel)
  • Alignment tool

Benefits of Kevlar Facing:

  • Smooth engagement
  • Low coefficient of friction (helps prevent excess wear on other components)
  • 50% longer lifespan than organic facing
  • Better heat handling than organic facing
  • Sintered on facing (increases durability in high heat situations)

Do it like the PP Boyz:

-As all things PP, we love to share our knowledge. We like to determine what works and what doesn't and through the years (and many clutch jobs later) we have come up with this list of add-ons every owner should do to their 2011-2017 Mustang GT when doing a clutch replacement. 

 The list below includes our recommendation of OEM /Aftermarket parts we use in every clutch replacement job done here at our New Port Richey location

We believe it is wise to replace some key-components and upgrade others while we're at it. 

PP SPEC Add-ons:  $376.25

  • FRPP Roller Pilot  $12.31
  • OEM Ford Throwout Bearing $189.99
  • McLeod Racing Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line $64.00
  • Steeda Spring Perch/Spring Combo $109.95

These parts allow us to provide peace-of-mind to our customers that they're not only getting a clutch, they're getting a full service job.

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"The absolute best in the business. Not only is PP extremely knowledgeable but they take care of you as if you are family. Thank you PP team!"

- G. Gonzales -