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Ford Racing

Ford Racing Clutch Kit 10.5in HD

Ford Racing Clutch Kit 10.5in HD

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Ford Racing clutch kits are set up to give you more capacity. They can handle 40 to 50 percent (or more) greater torque than the stock units. Their pressure plates are made from nodular iron, their clutch discs have a sprung hub for shock absorption and smooth operation, and they are made slightly thinner for quicker release. Heavy duty diaphragm type clutch assembly with approximately 40 % more capacity than stock Mustang clutch. OK to mix and match Ford Racing clutch discs and pressure plates but do NOT install a FRPP pressure plate with a stock disc or vice-versa as disengagement problems may occur. Metric fasteners and dowel pins must be used with 10.5" clutches M-6397-A302 . Also recommended Roller Pilot Bearing M-7600-A or M-7600-B.
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