The First EcoBoost Mustang in the 8's

The First EcoBoost Mustang in the 8's

It was only a matter of time. Today, January 5th, 2023 the First EcoBoost Mustang to cross the +150mph mark went 8.98s at the quarter mile at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

Yet another piece of history written at the infamous tarmac at Bradenton Motorsports Park, Bradenton Florida.


Our good friend and man-behind-the-wheel, Jessie Ringley and the EMS team set the World Record yet again with their Engineered Motorsport Solutions 941rwh EcoBoost Mustang Racecar. This vehicle is powered by 2.3L 4cyl motor with a few goodies to go fast.

Beating their previous record time set not too long ago of 9.25s at 138mph at the quarter set on 12/4/22. They blew past that with a true record breaking 8 second pass at 8.98s at the 1320 mark.

But this journey hasn't been easy.

Just take a look back a year and a half ago when we were at the Hail Mary Derby, MD. At the time Jessie's fastest time was a 9.54 at the 1/4. But at this time, the car just didn't have it in it to get a single clean pass. So from failing pumps to limiting ECUs, Jessie has had to fight real gremlins to get to this point.

 Watch Series on YouTube:

After the Hail Mary Derby event in 2021, Jessie went full-on Science & Racecars designing a one of a kind intake manifold adapter that would become the "EvoBoost".

It's job? To allow the enormous 1,000HP capable Magnus V5 intake manifold to pair right up to the block. It's science and stuff. But feeding this setup is the PTE 67/85 GT42 Style turbo sponsored by then, Function Factory Performance. All this wrapped up and tuned by one man, Ryan Martin at PD Tuning.

Oh, and did we mention the new MoTeC standalone unit? Right...


When we say these guys have been going HARD, WE MEANT IT. 

From 3D printing parts, to learning a completely new software for tuning, to finally achieving the goal, the Team has worked their hearts out and the best part yet, Ryan says there's till more.

This blog is ongoing as we're still gathering more details!

But regardless, help us celebrate to up comings of the EcoBoost platform!

The First EcoBoost Mustang in the 8's!


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