Precision Shaft Technologies (PST) making our Driveshaft Dreams come true!

Precision Shaft Technologies (PST) making our Driveshaft Dreams come true!


If you are adding horsepower to your stock Mustang, then you know you will need to upgrade your driveshaft. PST has consistently been producing the leading after-market driveshafts for Mustangs for over twenty years. PST's aluminum Mustang driveshafts are available in a variety of diameters, with their 4’’ aluminum driveshaft promising up to 2,000 horsepower. All of their driveshafts are balanced and tested at high speeds to ensure no vibrations and that each of their shafts is race-ready.


An aluminum driveshaft for your Mustang is a good choice when you’re looking for a low, weight, high power, and street-ready application. Carbon fiber is sometimes considered an alternative, however the excess heat produced by prolonged street driving can break down the bonds in the carbon fiber shaft. If you’re planning on driving your ride on the street (in non-racing applications) then we recommend going with an aluminum shaft. You’ll see faster track times and smooth operation out of their aluminum shafts, which comes from the lower weight of these shafts than traditional steel. 


One of the benefits of PST's aluminum driveshafts is that you can polish them to a truly beautiful sparkling sheen if you are putting it in your show car. The great look is just the beginning. Each of their aluminum Mustang driveshafts comes with slip/joints/CV. Our 3.5’’ aluminum driveshaft will stand up to whatever you throw at it, up to 1,000 horsepower and 7,800 RPM with best-in-class torsional strength and reliability. If you have higher horsepower needs, we can make your aluminum Mustang driveshaft in a 4.0’’ tube diameter (OD), which supports up to 2,000hp.

So just who is PST? Well Precision Shaft Technologies, PST for short, is the leader in 
state of the art manufacturing for high performance driveshafts, for applications ranging from their “Critical Link”™ carbon fiber driveshafts to their Super Spline PTO shaft.

Their manufacturing plant has been located in Clearwater, Florida for over 20 years and they take pride in serving the U.S. as well as foreign markets with their driveline products.

Precision Shaft Technologies has been an innovator in the high performance driveshaft business and they keep striving to maintain their excellent reputation for driveshaft engineering, technical support and service.

Precision Shaft Technologies' custom driveshafts can support up to 2,000 horsepower, and they can typically provide very fast turnaround times (as quickly as 48 hours in some instances). PST are also specialists in aluminum, steel, and chromoly driveshafts. PST takes pride in providing the best products and the best possible service, each and every time. Precision Shaft Technologies has a long list of championship racers who will say the same. PST are known for their strong and reliable driveshafts, technical support, and service! 

And we're proud to offer our Parker Performance customers the access to PST Driveshafts for their S550 Mustangs! Great products, great timelines, FL based business, Made In The USA, how can it get much better?

If you're tired of waiting on the Drive Shaft Shop (DSS) units and their increasingly delayed timelines, then drop us an email at and we'll get you setup with a PST Unit ASAP!  

What's the difference between Carbon Fiber, Aluminum or Steel Driveshafts?

When you’re looking to buy a driveshaft, you have three choices: steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. In increasing order of strength, you have steel, then aluminum, then carbon fiber.

Steel is the least expensive option. However, steel prices have been rising in commodity markets lately (commodity steel prices have tripled since 2020) so there’s less cost advantage to using steel today than there used to be. Steel is going to be the heaviest and least strong option for your driveshaft.

Aluminum brings a significant weight reduction, and a significant increase in strength. Aluminum also will not rust, so if you live in a rainy or snowy area, that’s a huge bonus. However, aluminum can be dangerous. If an aluminum driveshaft breaks, the jagged aluminum edges can rip right through the bottom of your car, risking the safety and life of the driver.

Carbon fiber is the king of driveshafts. Carbon fiber is the lightest and strongest option. It will not rust, and the torsional strength is incredible. It is also the safest for the driver. If a carbon fiber driveshaft were to break, rather than producing jagged edges like aluminum or steel, the carbon fiber shaft will just result in loose fiber strands along the break (kind of like the end of a broom).

One major consideration for carbon fiber shafts is that they are not recommended for street usage (aka, cruising). The heat produced by prolonged street usage can break down the bonds in the carbon fiber shaft. We only recommend carbon fiber shafts for racing applications, not for your daily driver. For a daily driver, we recommend steel or aluminum.

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