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Wilwood Dynapro Dust-Boot P/S Park Brake Kit Red Small Ford 2.66in Offset

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DP-DB Pro-Series rear disc kits provide a complete solution for popular muscle car rear axles that require a parking brake. Forged billet Dynapro Dust Boot calipers, 12.19" one-piece drum/rotors, and high friction pads provide optimized and balanced braking for all types of custom performance street/strip and show machines. These kits were developed for applications or locations that require or prefer a dust-booted piston. Dust-booted aluminum pistons provide added protection against road or track born dirt and debris on low to intermediate temperature range applications that may also operate in harsh environments. The neatly hidden internal shoe system provides a clean installation with superior static holding power for parking. Optional caliper finishes and rotor designs enable the builder to personalize the style and optimize brake performance for every individual application.