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Parker Performance

Parker Performance Custom J-Turn Coyote Mustang O2 Defoulers for N/A Cars

Parker Performance Custom J-Turn Coyote Mustang O2 Defoulers for N/A Cars

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If you're like us, and you hate that the EPA has eliminated the ability to turn off your CEL in your tunes on your race cars - then you're probably looking for new solutions to overcome this debacle: P0420 & P0430 CEL dash light and check engine lights. Well we've got a setup here that has been tried, tested, and proven to work in almost every N/A Coyote Mustang racecar that we have built for our customers running catless longtubes. This J-Turn spacer moves the O2 sensor out of the direct stream, and we've built a filter/spacer combo that has worked great on almost every brand of longtube header. We pre-build these w/this filter and spacing combo before shipping to our out of state customers, so it's ready to be installed when you get them! And you boosted guys, fear not, as we're currently in the fabrication phase of a different filter/spacer combo, which we believe will solve your woes (and we won't release them until we've tested and proven them). As a small performance shop, we install hundreds of longtubes a year, and we've had about an 85% success rate with this J-Turn combo here on our N/A customers. We've tested them on both 93 and E85, we've tested them on Corsa, Stainless Works, Stainless Power, Texas Speed and even the God forsaken 2M longtubes. Price is for either a single (Ecoboost) or for a pair (V6 or GT), with our custom filter/spacer combo. Guaranteed to work, most the time (lol) - sometimes you just need to buy some electrical tape and cover up your gauge cluster I reckon, lol.

***Note: This does not fix a defective O2 Sensor, O2 Sensor Wiring, or O2 Sensor Heater Circuits! There are no O2 Sensors included with this purchase. These are to be used for the POST-Catalytic Converter Sensors only. Intended for competition and off-road use only. Product not intended for use as a replacement to your OEM Catalytic Converter(s).
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"The absolute best in the business. Not only is PP extremely knowledgeable but they take care of you as if you are family. Thank you PP team!"

- G. Gonzales -