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NGK® Ruthenium HX™ 95605

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NGK Spark Plugs is introducing the latest technology in high ignitability spark plugs to the automotive aftermarket: NGK Ruthenium HX™ .

Ruthenium HX™ spark plugs. The ultimate high ignitability spark plugs from NGK.

Modern engines demand spark plugs that provide top performance while enduring the most severe conditions. NGK Ruthenium technology provides maximum durability and performance in newer engines where greater ignition efficiency is demanded. Modern engine designs utilize advanced technologies to create more power with less fuel. This results in greater heat and pressure in the combustion chamber, which shortens the life the spark plug. In response, NGK created Ruthenium HX™, a high ignitability spark plug with outstanding service life. We currently recommend these for the EcoBoost Mustang/GT/V6 platform.

Full set of (4) for your EcoBoost Mustang:

-Pre-Gapped to PD Tuning's specs (select at checkout)

Full set of (6) for your Mustang V6:

-Pre-Gapped to spec provided.


Full set of (8) for your Mustang GT:

-Pre-Gapped to spec provided by Lund or PBD


-Do not use an anti-seize or dielectric grease on these upon installation

-Do not over tighten these upon installation - recommended is 10ft/lbs
-Recommended replacement every 10k-15k miles (depending on usage & fuel)
-Suggested inspection at every oil change interval.

(Limited quantity in stock at all times) orders ship as fast as possible!