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Mishimoto 2014+ Chevy Silverado 1500 V8 Transmission Cooler

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There's no greater enemy for a transmission than heat. Whether your 2014+ Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 V8 is a dedicated tow vehicle, hardworking fleet truck, or a daily driver, you need to ensure that your transmission runs cool. Luckily, Mishimoto has developed a cooler to do just that. Our 2014+ Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 V8 transmission cooler utilizes a stacked-plate design for maximum durability and powerful cooling. The Mishimoto transmission cooler mounts inline with the factory cooling system to add an extra 0.65 quarts of transmission fluid and over 3,000 square-inches of surface area for a significant increase in cooling potential. Included with the Mishimoto transmission cooler are adapter lines that connect directly to the stock cooling system and a relocation bracket for the ambient air temperature sensor. CNC-machined mounting brackets and high-grade transmission cooler hoses make installing this transmission cooler a breeze. Also provided with this kit is a thermal bypass valve delete that allows fluid to flow to the cooler at all times, making this cooler ideal for drivers in hot climates. Like all Mishimoto products, our 2014+ Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 V8 transmission cooler is backed up by our Lifetime Warranty with Accident Protection for worry-free cooling as long as you own it.