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MAP SPEC Stage 2 Complete Shortblock | 2015+ Ford Ecoboost 2.3L

MAP SPEC Stage 2 Complete Shortblock | 2015+ Ford Ecoboost 2.3L

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MAPerformance SPEC Stage 2 Ecoboost Mustang Built Shortblock w/ I-Beam Connecting Rods

Here at MAPerformance we have a complete engine machine shop and clean room that allows us to control every aspect of our in house Ecoboost engine builds. We take pride in meticulously documenting and assembling only the highest quality parts we ourselves have tested and proven.

Ecoboost (Focus ST / Mustang) owners looking to make 450+ whp should anticipate needing a built Ecoboost (Focus ST / Mustang) shortblock.

Included Services

  • Engine blocks visit our hot tank before and after machining for a clean, finished appearance
  • Brand new OEM Crankshafts are never cut / turned and receive a micro-polish treatment and balancing specifically for high performance applications. Additionally The crankshafts are cut for a keyway to allow the timing gear to be locked to the crankshaft. The balance shaft gear is also removed to reduce unnecessary rotating weight
  • We use a brand new Ford EcoBoost 2.0 block with 2.3 internals, The 2.0 block has shown to be superior to the 2.3 block which has been known to crack.  *Must utilize 2.0 head gasket when bolting on a 2.3 cylinder head.*
  • The first step in the machining process is resurfacing. We pride ourselves on the surface finish (RA) we achieve as it is of the utmost importance in regards to head gasket sealing
  • We utilize a three-step honing process utilizing a 2.3L Ecoboost specific torque plate to ensure roundness. Our honing process is finished with a plateau hone for the absolute best cylinder wall finish and ultimate ring seating

Optional Upgrade

  • Custom motor mount to utilize the 2.0 block in the 2015+ Ecoboost Mustang

Why Choose a MAP-built Engine?

We won't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to our engine builds. We utilize quality components along with specialized machining and assembly techniques for each individual platform to ensure the best possible performance. If we see a gap in regards to acceptable product offerings on the market we often times develop our own like the Ultimate Duty Connecting Rods. We thoroughly inspect, blueprint, clean and assemble our engines in a clean room and most of the machine work is performed in house to satisfy our stringent requirements. We have had great success in building countless motors for every imaginable application from the weekend warrior to the all-out race car.

Ready to start your new engine? Check out our Engine Break In Procedure for the proper way to break-in a fresh engine!

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"The absolute best in the business. Not only is PP extremely knowledgeable but they take care of you as if you are family. Thank you PP team!"

- G. Gonzales -