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PP Membership

PP Membership

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So congratulations, you're a gearhead with a money problem! We've been told people who love drag racing hate money! We tell our kids to get into cars, so they can't afford drugs!

Well what if there was a way where you could afford cars AND drugs?! Signing up for the PP Membership is the answer to that problem! 

If you've been a Parker Performance customer for a while, you're probably already aware of our #RepeatOffender program, and we've decided to Supercharge this program for you guys going into the 2023 year and beyond! We've decided to combine what we had previously been offering for our #RepeatOffenders with some Loyalty Programs that we can implement for, what we believe is the best membership value in the entire industry! 

Exclusivity has never been easier to acquire! For under $10/month you'll get access to:

  • Private Member Events
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
  • Monthly Promotional Deals
  • Custom Quotes
  • FREE Promotional Swag at sign-up
  • Extra Savings on your Birthday
  • Private Waffles & Much More
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"The absolute best in the business. Not only is PP extremely knowledgeable but they take care of you as if you are family. Thank you PP team!"

- G. Gonzales -