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Injector Dynamics

Injector Dynamics Replacement Mounting Bracket for ID F750 Fuel Filter

Injector Dynamics Replacement Mounting Bracket for ID F750 Fuel Filter

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This is the Injector Dynamics ID F750 Fuel Filter. This is the first of its kind designed to meet the demands of strict OE filter requirements. This result will greatly improve the service life of your fuel injectors. This fuel filter is compatible with all known fuels and has a maximum fuel pressure of 10.0 bar (145.0 PSI).

Since electronic fuel injectors are built to precise dimensions that are measured in microns, the smallest of particles can accelerate wear, or completely damage a fuel injector. The filter included is highly efficient capturing a minimum efficiency of 87% at 5 microns while capturing 100% of all particles at 35 micron and larger.

Other features include a high level of contaminant while maintaining low restriction to flow. At a flow rate of 750 liters per hour, the ID750 will hold five grams of contaminant before requiring a replacement. The filter has a Delta P Indicator which provides a visual indication of the condition of the filter so that it can be serviced before needing a replacement. The filter is protected with a spin-on housing that will come with a safety latch, and it also has a pressure relief with a drain.

Included with this fuel filter is a modular mounting bracket, hardware, and a barb fitting to make it ready for installation. The fluid connection sizes are SAE -8.0 fittings, and it weighs a total of 700 grams. An optional pressure and temperature sensor can be used with this filter.

Universal Product. This item is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.

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