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Eco Corn Kit - 2015-2023 EcoBoost Mustang

Eco Corn Kit - 2015-2023 EcoBoost Mustang

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This kit has been tested in our 2017 Mustang EcoBoost.

If you're looking to get more out of your EcoBoost Mustang, switching fuels can be a great option for you. While 91-93 Octane are the most commonly used, E85 offers a large range of benefits besides just adding more power. Read more on our blog:

What is required to run E85 in an EcoBoost Mustang?

We have put together this kit to get you going from 93 to running full E85 with 1 single purchase. This kit is rated for up 640whp capable.


-EMS Tuning Custom Package for EcoBoost 2.3L Mustang/RS (Cobb Accessport) W/ Lifetime Tuning $550.00

-NOSTRUM Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost High Pressure Fuel Pump $1,799.99


-Xtreme-DI Ford Mustang 2.3L EVO HPFP ($1599)-Cobb Ford Mustang EcoBoost AccessPORT V3 $625


Need some additional information?

We put together this blog post explaining everything you need to do or not do when it comes to running full E85 ethanol in your EcoBoost Mustang:

What is required to run E85 in an EcoBoost Mustang?


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