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2.3 Mustang Ecoboost One Way Breather Tank

2.3 Mustang Ecoboost One Way Breather Tank

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UPR Dual Breather Tank for the 2.3L Mustang Ecoboost. Designed to provide the best oil control without any questions. This works great for High Boost, High HP Ecoboost race Mustangs like UPR's Record holder!  ( 9.44@ 137) 100% CNC machined Dual Inlet Oil Separator System provides the most sure fire way to eliminate any chances of oil getting into your inter-cooler and intake tract, because there are no connections to the intake manifold or turbo inlet. This Vent to Atmosphere breather tank oil control system is available for the Ecoboost Mustang utilizing a fully built system that can be installed in 20 minutes. We have made this another Plug N Play system with pre-fabbed lines, fittings and mount. Giving you everything needed to protect your engine from any unwanted Blow-by.   VPS sensor will be eliminated with this RACE style kit so tuning is required.  Offroad / racing use only.  UPR Breather tanks are easy to drain with either the provided petcock or you can unscrew the containment cup to drain, inspect and clean the contents out.  You can't do that with those over priced welded up breather tanks! 
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