Collection: Parker Performance Labor & Installations

Parker Performance is a company that is built around the concept of "For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts!" Meaning that we will always put the Enthusiast first, over the Business. Would the company make more money to sell you a couple fuel system upgrades, and then sell you a full fuel system again later? Yes! Do we coach our customers to make their purchases this way? No! We come from the camp of "Buy once, cry once!" And do our best to educate and empower our Enthusiast Consumers to make the best investment of their hard earned cash. Whether that be with their parts purchases, or our labor rates, we do our best to take the Enthusiasts position and point of view First! Take a look here at our competitive labor & installation rates for all things S550 Mustang related!
Parker Performance Labor & Installations

This is by far the best catch can for your EcoBoost Mustang! Well, for 90% of the customers we provide service for anyways.

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