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Roush Supercharger: The Worst Blower On The Market For 2018+ Ford Mustangs


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Are you considering adding a blower to your 18+ Mustang GT? Like the idea of having a Roush Blower or an FRPP Blower because it will keep your warranty? 

Well I'm here to burst your bubble a little bit. 

If you've got an 18+ Mustang GT and are looking into a Supercharger for your car. I would highly advise against going with the FRPP / Roush Supercharger. 

2018 Roush Blower
Take your time, do your research, join Mustang6G and a handful of groups on Facebook. Ask about the Roush blower and the problems the owners have experienced with them. Blown cats, blown motors, excessive heat problems, and so on.

Most of our customers that are considering a Roush, their reasoning to choose Roush over say a Whipple or a ProCharger, is the false claim of having a Ford Warranty attached with it. If a dealership is telling you this, they're dishonest, at best, liars at worst. There is no Ford Warranty attached to a Roush blower. You have a warranty from ROUSH, not from Ford. Which, if you ordered a Whipple or a ProCharger, guess what... you'd have a warranty from those manufacturers just the same! Unfortunately, for the uneducated consumer, Ford and Roush have blurred the lines as to where one starts and ends, and where the other begins. Ford will continue to service your Roush Supercharged vehicle and warranty things not associated with the Blower. As they will with every sort of blower! If your AC Compressor fails, Ford is going to warranty your Compressor, unless it's clear that you damaged it when installing your aftermarket parts somehow (regardless of who made the parts). Now, go blow your motor, and ask Ford to replace it, and you're going to instantly learn the difference between Ford and Roush and their Warranty(ies). Roush *may* cover your blown motor, but Ford will not. Roush has the right to deny warranty claims, just the same as Ford does. 

Okay, so now that I've burst your bubble about the whole scenario of keeping your warranty, let me explain to you the pitfalls and the data to support my claims! 

The Answer Is Whipple.

Whipple Superharger PP Banner

Ford added Direct Injection (DI) to the fuel system in 2018+ 5.0L Coyotes.   That DI system comes with additional equipment and hardware: 8 more injectors, two more fuel rails, a High Pressure Fuel Pump (mounted on the passenger side valve cover, cam driven) and all the accompanying harnesses, brackets, etc. to outfit the car with the DI. The majority of this additional equipment is located underneath the OEM Intake Manifold, down in the Valley, in-between the cylinder heads.

Which is the same spot where PD Blower manufacturers typically place their intercooler bricks! Go figure!!! 

Gen 3 Coyote 5.0L Engine


So once this new feature was released, most all of the aftermarket industry went to work on new R&D, creating solutions to overcome the loss of space there in the valley, where the intercoolers used to reside uninhibited. The PD Blower manufacturers in the market, opted to turn their blowers upside down! Placing the already compact rotor packs at the base (or bottom) of their supercharger packaging, and relocating their intercoolers to the top! This allowed them to utilize the allocated space in the valley, without interfering with the DI system in any way, and gave them a larger surface area, in fact, to design intercoolers for their setups. When looking at a Gen 5 3.0L Whipple, for instance, you're now looking into the engine bay and peering down onto the LID that is covering the Intercooler bricks. Whereas, in previous designs, you'd have been looking at the CASE which housed the rotor packs. 

Except for Roush. Roush simply opted to decrease it's intercooler brick size to accommodate the new design and additional equipment. 

Roush v Whipple intercoolers

After releasing the ill-designed setup, Roush has since offered and sold their "Phase 2" cooling upgrade packages. When purchased and installed at Ford, this includes additional heat exchangers, as well as a tune reflash. In our experience, this is still not enough, still inferior to other blower options on the market. 

Roush PHASE 2 Cooler

In my personal experience, the Roush blower has cost our customers many sets of blown/damaged catalytic converters, several blown motors, and a ton of aggravation that sadly would not have been present for these folks, if they had a different brand of blower. In fact, I've had to replace my own motor, in my own car, due to two piston skirts having cracked and broken, from the increased heat causing excessive misfires while on stock headers/exhaust manifolds. I have since begun coaching all of our Roush equipped customers to immediately upgrade their exhaust systems and remove the OEM Cats to avoid this happening to them! 

2018 RTR Spec 5 001 at the dyno

Can you make the Roush supercharger work? Sure. Can you make decent power with it? Sure. In fact, I made 640rwhp on 93 octane, through a 10R80 in my personal car. One of our vendors has made well over 800rwhp in his. And I'm going to continue to push the envelope and research and develop solutions for these on my personal car. We've already tested a VMP Triple Pass Heat Exchanger with Dual Fans. We've already tested a 1320 Junkie hand-ported head unit. We've already tested larger coolant expansion tanks, with Mishimoto Liquid Chill. We've already tested with off-road longtube headers. And we've acquired a Killer Chiller and a PWR Billet Intercooler Brick as well. Having had several issues with the Killer Chiller product in the past, I struggle with finding that as the solution for us to offer, but stay tuned for that in another post, another day, lol! 

So, should you make the investment into a Roush? No. Spend your money on any other supercharger product on the market, which will offer superior cooling, and allow for a much larger ceiling. 


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