Lowering Springs vs Coil Overs for your S550 Mustang - which should YOU choose?

Lowering Springs vs Coil Overs for your S550 Mustang - which should YOU choose?

Let's talk about suspension for a moment: lowering springs, coilovers, airbags... which is the right solution for you and for your car?

I always start by asking more questions of our customers: how do you use the car? How often do you track the car? Are you familiar with initial setup details on a coilover suspension? Are you comfortable with modifying ride height on a coilover suspension (or do you even know what's required of you to do so)? Are you looking for that hotboi stance? What's your budget? How much time do you personally like to spend working on your car? Do you know the difference on labor costs between each of these systems? Are you in or near snow? Are you close to the salt water or beaches? 

Zorbii S550 Mustang lowered on Steeda Progressives

These are just a handful of the questions we pose to get to the correct solution for most of our customers. And in my experience, over 90% of the retail consumers that are looking to lower their vehicle, are going to be best-suited with the correct lowering spring for their car and the vehicle's intended use(s). 

Sure, there's going to be the guy that a set of coilovers are the right buy. Sure, there's going to be the folks that have $5k to invest into a badass Airlift 3P bag setup for their S550. Certainly there's going to be the avid track warriors that have no problem scaling a car every time they make a change to their coilover suspension, or performing their own DIY alignment after doing so... Yet the reality is, this is why we ask those questions of our customers up-front, to help determine what's going to be best for each customer!

Truth be told, if you're not going to be heavily tracking the car (and even if you ARE) - a solid spring/shock/strut combination is likely going to be the best answer for most enthusiasts. One of our favorite packages to set our customers up with would be the Steeda Progressives, combined with the Steeda Camber Plates & Steeda Pro Action Shocks! This combination has proven to be a well-versed setup for *most* consumers and their mixed-use goals: daily driven, weekend warrior, a little tracking here and there...

So if you're considering a coilover setup, or a lowering spring option - feel free to reach out to us and outline your car's mods, your goals & intended uses, and we'll do our best to help you select a worthwhile setup to reach those goals, and not bring you any extra headaches! Sales@PP-FL.com

In fact, we just added quite a few Steeda suspension goodies to our website here for you to choose from. And while we're dealers for many other brands, when it comes to a matched setup, we almost always end up at Steeda's doorstep! Checkout the Steeda Collection while you're here and let us know what you think?!

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