Why the Parker Performance Tornado Kit for your Ecoboost Mustang?

Why the Parker Performance Tornado Kit for your Ecoboost Mustang?

Some of the most often discussed topics surrounding modifying the Ecoboost Mustang (and any vehicle, for that matter) is which parts to buy, which products interchange with one another, which products work the best, which products are proven, and so on...

Well look, it's simple: we have tried, installed, tested & ultimately broken more parts & products than you guys have! And in that process, we've learned a whole lot about what works!!!

If you know of us, you know we're huge on being "For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts" - and so when we're making a recommendation, it's not once been about profit. It's always been about what's the right fit, right product, right end goal. So with that, we hope you know to follow our recommendations, as we are putting you, the Enthusiast, first!!! 

So, all that just to say that you should be following our recommended, prescribed protocols for an easily repeatable end result. This means following our recommended "Top Five Modifications to the Ecoboost Mustang" guide, and that means you've ultimately found our
Parker Performance Tornado Exhale Kit.

We coach our guys to upgrading their intercoolers as one of their very first power mods - especially in hotter climates like we experience here in Florida. And the CVFab Race Core FMIC is the bees knees. And when you're in there upgrading this thing, trust me when I tell you, you'll only want to do it once (buy once, buy right aka buy once, cry once, lol)! So that means going ahead and utilizing your time and labor wisely and doing the charge pipes, BOV, BRA & Hardline upgrades all at the same time.

There seems to be this long debated subject about the Race Core having lost pressure because it's so large but look, it's hogwash, alright. We've installed these things on bone stock cars, all the way up to over 800whp cars - and we don't find any pressure drop that is noticeable enough to cause any power loss. Not only that, but with the surface area of these units, you'll be hard pressed to find any street core sized unit that won't already be heat soaked (therefore pulling timing out of your tune) before the race cores! Add in the fact that you get the appropriate charge pipe couplers when upgrading your charge pipes at the same time - and if you've ever installed a race core w/o the upgraded couplers - you know what I'm talking about here!!! Plus the fact that CVFab makes a 50mm BOV opening, already flanged for the infamous Turbosmart Race Port BOV... Mmmph! This is the legit setup here boys & girls! We include the Race Port because you'll likely never have to upgrade again!!! Starting to see a theme here y'all? We've used the Race Port in everything from light bolt on cars all the way to 10 second cars - with great, repeatable results! We toss in a few goodies from the PP Boyz, a BOV Hardline Kit, and the necessary Turbosmart accessories to make this kit really shine (Boost Reference Adapter and BOV Plug Elim).

By far and away the most comprehensive intercooler upgrade available on the market for your Ecoboost Mustangs! So that's why you choose the Parker Performance Tornado Exhale Kit for your car!!! 

Parker Performance is a home grown S550 Mustang specialty shop, located in New Port Richey, FL (about 30 minutes outside of Tampa and Clearwater). As experts on the S550 Mustang, we've tried, installed & tested just about every product & every setup. Allow us to use our expertise to help save you energy, time & money by guiding you to purchasing the correct parts for your EcoBoost Mustang, Mustang GT, GT350, and more. Parker Performance - For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts!

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