Which catch can is best for my Ecoboost Mustang?

Which catch can is best for my Ecoboost Mustang?

Are you looking to find the best catch can for your Ecoboost Mustang? Have you been searching for a good catch can to install on your Ecoboost? We've got the best Mustang Ecoboost catch cans on the market, and we'll show you why we choose the one we do! Come on in...

So with Parker Performance being an Ecoboost Mustang Performance Specialist, we've installed them all. We've seen them all, touched them all, tested them all, and ultimately passed on them all except for the UPR Dual Valve Catch Can (UPR DVCC). This is by far the best catch can for your Ecoboost Mustang! Well, for 90% of the customers we provide service for anyways. Most of our customers are doing bolt-on modifications, a drop-in turbo upgrade, and custom tuning. The UPR DVCC is the one catch can that we can count on every time. 

The UPR DVCC Ecoboost Mustang catch can has a large canister, which allows our customers to go several oil changes without draining or servicing the catch can system. Granted, we coach our customers to drain and service their catch can at each oil change interval, but this allows for those customers who may not be as engaged in the maintenance of their vehicles to continue to enjoy their cars without overfilling their catch can, which effectively creates a recirculation of the oil into your system! 

The Ecoboost Mustang UPR Dual Valve Catch Can utilizes two locations of vacuum sources, one at the intake manifold and the other on the inlet to the turbocharger. This is the only catch can on the market that offers this type of vacuum source. 

The UPR DVCC, as we suggest it to be purchased, includes two billet check valves in the lines, to help keep from pressurizing the catch can & won't allow the canister to be drained back into the PCV system, either. We also suggest the upgrade to the magnetic drain plug option, just as an added insurance policy for our customers.

We've removed inferior brands of catch cans from our customer cars, which are continuing to smoke, and installed the UPR DVCC onto their Ecoboost Mustang, which then stopped the smoking. With this platform, we oftentimes install aftermarket downpipes, which will cause the Ecoboost Mustang to smoke at idle sometimes. This UPR DVCC is the solution 99.9% of the time for that, as well! 

Now, there are instances when we suggest a VTA (Vent To Atmosphere) catch can, and those are for the customers who are utilizing a built motor, or pushing over 500rwhp essentially. Other than that, we prefer and recommend the standard UPR DVCC as the Best Catch Can on the market for our Ecoboost Mustang enthusiasts! 

Made in the USA, built-to-order, right here in South Florida by Automotive Enthusiasts!

Parker Performance is a home grown S550 Mustang specialty shop, located in New Port Richey, FL (about 30 minutes outside of Tampa and Clearwater). As experts on the S550 Mustang, we've tried, installed & tested just about every product & every setup. Allow us to use our expertise to help save you energy, time & money by guiding you to purchasing the correct parts for your EcoBoost Mustang, Mustang GT, GT350, and more. Parker Performance - For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts!

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