Parker Performance Ecoboost Mustang BOV Test Plug for P0035

Parker Performance Ecoboost Mustang BOV Test Plug for P0035

Do you have a P0035 Check Engine Light Code on your dash? Do you have an aftermarket BOV on your Ecoboost Mustang? Do you have a faulty BOV Sensor? 

Well we've come up with a solution that will allow you to Test your OEM BOV Plug! After 4 months of testing on multiple platforms (Ecoboost Mustang, Fiesta ST Ecobost, Focus ST Ecoboost, Focus RS Ecoboost), we're confident that our Test Plug will give you the ability to determine if your BOV Sensor is the culprit of your CEL code!

Simply remove your OEM BOV plug connector, and plug this Test Plug Tool into your OEM BOV connection in it's place, and this will verify that your sensor is in fact the cause of this P0035 CEL, and now you'll have the data you need to replace and cure the issue with your vehicle.

This BOV Test Plug is made with watertight components, so you can test even in the rain or snow if you have to! 

So if you've got a P0035 CEL on your Mustang Ecoboost, you should buy this test plug and see if it solves your dash light. If the dash light goes away with this plugged in, you know that was the culprit of your CEL! 

And if you've got a P0035 Check Engine Light on your Ford Focus ST or Ford Focus RS with the Ecoboost engines in them, this will work for your vehicles as well! 

So to cure your P0035 engine code, order up this BOV Test Plug from the team here at Parker Performance today!!! 

Parker Performance is a home grown S550 Mustang specialty shop, located in New Port Richey, FL (about 30 minutes outside of Tampa and Clearwater). As experts on the S550 Mustang, we've tried, installed & tested just about every product & every setup. Allow us to use our expertise to help save you energy, time & money by guiding you to purchasing the correct parts for your EcoBoost Mustang, Mustang GT, GT350, and more. Parker Performance - For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts!

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