How to install J-Turn Coyote Mustang O2 Defoulers or Spacers for your Longtube Headers

How to install J-Turn Coyote Mustang O2 Defoulers or Spacers for your Longtube Headers

Do you have Longtube Headers on your Coyote Mustang? Are you needing to use a spacer to help with the tuning of the Longtubes? Sometimes your aftermarket Catted Longtube Headers (and/or your Off-Road Catless Longtube Headers) will still need to have your O2 Sensors run through a spacer to help offset the airflow across the sensor, so you can tune the vehicle without any detriment. 

We’ve tested these in over 100 cars w/great success rates for N/A vehicles, on both 93 & E85, w/a multitude of different tuning companies & various different Aftermarket Longtube setups. While we have not had a 100% success rate, we have had very few combos NOT work. And if/when they don't work, we're working with those clients to get them a revised setup to test, as we're working to create a solution for all scenarios!

So if you're a Coyote Owner and have Longtubes, and you've purchased your O2 Spacers, and now you want to install them - but you have questions. Well we hope this process outlined below will be beneficial to you and help you get back on the road in no time!

PLEASE NOTE: These are intended to only be used on your REAR O2 sensors (downstream). Do not use them on your front (upstream) sensors.

  1. Remove your factory rear O2 sensors w/an O2 tool or a ⅞” wrench. It's sometimes helpful to use something like a "WD40" or "Free All" product at the sensor, to help with ease of removal.
  2. Run the large security nut to the base of the J-Turn. 
  3. Make sure the copper washer is BELOW the large security nut (not between the nut & the J-Turn, but between the nut & the exhaust pipe; we ship them between the nut & the J-Turn so they don’t get lost in the packaging - this is NOT where you install it though).
  4. Install the J-Turn into your rear O2 sensor location, rotating almost until it stops.
  5. In most instances, you’ll need to adjust the fitment/placement of the J-Turn to create clearance between the chassis, & still be free of the driveshaft & any other possible interferences (safety loops, etc). 
  6. Once you’ve selected the appropriate position w/your first J-Turn in place, we suggest placing your second J-Turn in place at this time, so that you can work on placement of the second unit, again in relation to the chassis & driveshaft, but now you need to also take into consideration the placement of the opposing side’s J-Turn & O2 Sensor combo, as they will possibly protrude into one another.
  7. Upon completion of successfully aligning both J-Turns w/both O2 Sensors in place, you then want to tighten your security nut all the way down, securing the copper washer between it & the exhaust pipe w/a large crescent wrench.
  8. Tighten your O2 sensors into each of the J-Turns w/the ⅞” wrench. 
  9. Once fully tightened, run your wiring for each of the rear O2 sensors & utilize the provided zip ties to keep them from dangling or interfering w/anything. 
  10. Trim your zip ties, double check your work, & enjoy your day! 
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