How to fix your P1450 Check Engine Light Code for your Ford Mustang Ecoboost

How to fix your P1450 Check Engine Light Code for your Ford Mustang Ecoboost

Do you have a P1450 Check Engine Light on your Ecoboost Mustang? Stalling, idling funny, running rough after adding gas? Tired of being embarrassed every time you refill your car at the pump? So here's how to fix your P1450 CEL on your Ecoboost Mustang!

The P1450 DTC is for "Unable to Bleed Up Fuel Tank Vacuum", and this code will pop up on your Ecoboost Mustang for a handful of reasons. Most often, though, it's due to a faulty purge valve. So often, that we keep hundreds of them in stock each month, due to how frequently we sell them to our Ecoboost Enthusiasts worldwide.

The P1450 CEL is going to give you fits, until you replace the OEM Purge Valve with a brand new OEM Ford unit. Replacement of the Purge Valve should only take about 10 minutes, for even the newest of automotive enthusiasts. 

Pop the hood
Remove (2) 8mm & (2) 10mm holding the engine cover on
Locate the purge valve (driver's side, intake manifold)
Remove the single 10mm securing the purge valve to the intake manifold
Disconnect the fittings/electrical connectors as follows:
Remove (1) red clip at throttle body vacuum port, then push black button to remove hose from vacuum port
Disconnect (1) electrical fitting by pulling on the clip backwards, then pushing down to remove
Disconnect the green hose fitting by pushing in both sides of the green clip, then pulling to remove
Install your new purge valve by following this method in reverse!

***NOTE: Now would be a great time to go ahead and do a fresh set of spark plugs, and install the updated low pressure fuel sensor (LPFS) at the same time, to give your Ecoboost Mustang that fresh lease on life! You can purchase all three of these products all at once, by purchasing the Parker Performance Ecoboost Mustang Maintenance Pack!
Once you've gone through and double checked all of your work, we suggest that you clear the code & resume normal driving. Monitor to see if the problem persists or returns, and then revisit if so. Now that this has been completely resolved, you'll finally be able to drive to the gas station, fill up, and drive away without being embarrassed by the stalling, erratic idle, etc.

We hope this helps you in curing your P1450 Check Engine Light on your Ecoboost Mustang! 

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