How To Keep You Car Safe During A Storm- Precautions To Take.

How To Keep You Car Safe During A Storm- Precautions To Take.

 If you're like us, Florida Grown, it's easy to dismiss storms like the common "3pm Showers". Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are just part of the fun of living in the Sunshine State.

We've lived and party through some of the worst storms; Charlie, Irma etc.

However, it is always good to keep in mind that these storms can change rather quick and we should be prepared.


(Ready For Whatever Life Throws At You- Husky Liners)

Husky Liners baner for Ford Mustang


Here are some tips to help keep your car safe during a storm; Keep in mind, these are just suggestions we came up with that'll hopefully keep you and your ride safe. Starting with;


1. Keep Your Car In A Garage: 

If you're lucky enough to own a home or live in apartment with an annexed garage, this will probably be the best place to keep your ride safe. You can also reach out to a local storage unit as most of them have car size storages, make sure to get the insurance. And last but not least; City parking lots are often times a great place to store your car in times like this! Find one near you.




2. If You Don't Have a Garage, Park AWAY From Trees Or Loose Debris:

What you're seeking to avoid during a storm is loose debris hitting your precious ride. A void parking next to trash cans, boxes, tree branches and for all intent and purpose, do not park under a tree. Of course, these precautions are counting on a storm that does not include hail, then your f----d!


3. Use A Car Cover If Possible:

Visit your local auto store and find a car cover that fits. This won't protect it against a falling tree but it will give you the best chance at keeping your paint and body panels safe. 

 Looking for one? Here's our choice:


ROUSH 2015-2019 Ford Mustang Stoormproof Car Cover

ROUSH Car cover



4. If You HAVE To Drive, Drive Slow And Avoid Large Puddles:

Depending on your circumstances, if you HAVE to drive to find safer grounds drive safe. Avoid speeding if you have shitty tires. If visibility is null, find a safe place to pull over. We have found that empty city parking lots are a safe place to also store or pass the storm.


Weather Tech mats for the Ford Mustang


5. DO NOT Attempt To Drive Through Flooded Streets.

Flash flooding in Florida is a serious and very real thing, ask me how I know! So depending on your neighborhood complex or living area, keep in mind that flash flooding happens... in a flash... and water levels can be VERY deceiving! DO NOT attempt to run your lowered, modded, 40k car through 2" feet of water.


Mustang in flash flood edit

Just Don't. 


We hope everyone has a safe place to pass this storm and stay safe. Needless to say, stay up to date with all the weather updates and enough water and food for every member of your family. 


SHOP WILL BE CLOSED from 9/27-9/30 or until it is safe to reinstate. 

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